The L Word S02E08: Loyal

The L Word S02E08, When Alice tries to get up to speed with her most recent news coverage task, she inadvertently keeps running into her ex-beau, Gabby, and is more astounded to discover that Gabby is currently dating Dana’s ex Lara. Bette and Tina attempt to achieve an understanding over their relationship, as Tina runs house-chasing with Helena who goes ahead board the CAC’s governing body. Bette meets Winnie who needs to enlist Bette over helping her win her guardianship fight over Winnie and Helena’s children. Jenny is concerned that she may have lost the employment of phantom written work a TV star, named Burr Connor’s, collection of memoirs since she neglects it out about her lesbianism. Stamp and his buddy, Gomey, meet with a shabby maker for their lesbian reality video, while Shane discovers some solace in a congregation over her late enthusiastic difficulties.


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