The L Word S03E01: Labia Majora

The L Word S03E01, After six months. Bette and Tina, now back together, attempt to manage child rearing their infant little girl, Angelica, while attempting to handle an unsavory social specialist who opposes their unconventional child rearing strategies. Alice, now facilitating her own particular radio show ‘The Chart’ in Santa Monica, can’t get over her separation with Dana, who dumped her and continued her relationship Lara Perkins for no evident reason. Helena chooses to go into the film business by obtaining a little and battling studio. With Mark having moved out of the house, Carmen has moved in, and her sentimental association with Shane gets somewhat more genuine when Carmen needs to take Shane to meet her folks, and Shane consents to act straight. Pack goes to her child, David, over a therapeutic state of hers. Jenny, recuperating at her folks house in Illinois from her mental meltdown, concludes that she has had enough with Midwest life and considers moving back to Los Angeles with her new ultra-butch sweetheart, Moira (Daniela Sea).


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